Sunday, September 16, 2012

What was to be and not to be...

My week started with full of enthusiasm until i had the dreadful fever which kept coming and going even till yesterday! i was advised to take the blood test incase of the dreadful dengue fever! Thanks to my great physician, Dr Zainuddin who gave me the Augmentin I really feel much better today. And Oh yes, my dentist Dr Padma, thanks for fixing my cacit jiji.. errr... yes doc..i will be there on wednesday for the extraction..ouch..ouch! 

Despite the above, the week was a great one albeit my other weeks! No time for despair.. this week went as fast and furious! LOL! on hindsight my stress level was high as like any parents whose child was about to go thru UPSR! Rashad said it was not as tough, though the BM Kefahamam made him sweat as always..To all parents whose kids are done with their UPSR, our challenge is to keep them occupied! Please give me some tips! 

On Wednesday we had the Mycreative venture launch. I must say I'm proud of the team who did it very tastefully and classy. I always believe in simplicity and the principle of less is more! PM was very inspiring in his speech, off the cuff most of it but yet guided by the talking points. many commented that his strategic thinking about the creative industry has given us the impetus to be the next korean invasion! Thanks boss!  the response has been great! please check out if you need further details. All the best guys! 

Invitation to have lunch with Kate and William was an honor especially when there were only 5 tables! True to many comments about them,  you can't  get a more perfect looking couple! Words like suave, debonair, elegant fits them more than any couple i have met! Hope they enjoyed their stay here and will bring good memories back home..

Last night i had a good sleep! Why? Because my team played well and won 4 goals over Wigan! Revenge is sweet! It will be a tough week for United facing Galatasaray and of coz the away games against the Kops! I will not say more because we all know which channel to watch them now kan! oops..!

And today is Hari Malaysia! So grateful for the peace and stability we have been enjoying all these years! I know god willing, my kids future are in good hands looking at the plans that has been laid out for them, the young generation of this country! Let's continue to strive and work together! 

Gotta go now, its almost lunch and we have much to do!! 

Salam 1 Malaysia you all! 

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