Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saya Anak Malaysia

"Negaraku Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Ku...."

Salam & Good morning to my beloved Malaysians, for the past couple of months, after reading comments and feedbacks on the social media, I just want to share with every one the truth of the matter which is not so much of us Malaysians being racists. It's more then meet the eyes.. Well, this is my perspective... 

Personally, there's one party which is responsible for this sentiment, DAP. They have been spreading rumours & lies about how bad we have been governed while spreading, insinuating and provoking racial discriminations. We are all well aware that their social media vehicle is the so called red bean army. Just google about them. We all have received provocation & threats from them. Ask Michelle Yeoh and many others! They are the ones who are creating disunity among us. I hope the authorities will take actions against them. Nonetheless, let's think above what we read as I know we Malaysians are smarter when we think rationally rather than emotionally.... Any civil society will eventually fall for this prey of tactics. To my fellow Malays, please do not blame others, we have benefited so much over the years. Let's unite together like how our forefathers have done when we go thru crisis and tackle these people who have been spreading rumours about racism! 

To all my beloved Malaysians, It's time to for us all to regroup & focus on PEACE, PROGRESS & STABILITY. We have 7 more years to achieve our vision 2020! Malaysia is a country with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES when we work hard together. Now that the Rakyat has chosen let's ensure all promises made will be delivered and we must support our PM to take this country to the highest level possible!

I promise you that I will do my best as fellow Malaysians and for the future of my 4 young children! Insyallah and God willing we can do this together..

Last but not least let's ignore all the negativities that we read online! its seriously not healthy and damaging hearts and minds! Let's move forward with lots of love for Malaysia and her Rakyat and a positive mindset of the best has yet to come!!



Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Kid is back!

Another Great Week! hi frens! Thousand apologies having been on hibernation mode for almost 3 months! OMG! My heart yearned to blog but just cud not find the time that would put me in such total focus without any distractions mentally! err... i shall not go into details...

anyhow once again thanks for taking time out reading my celotehs and  pot pet pot pet..! its a beautiful sunday morning just after a slight drizzle. This is my favorite part of the day! Everything is so fresh and pure! and my eldest son, faris just left for his campus in Penang. his new semester starts tomorrow. 

Told him its best he drives early in the morning missing all the weekend holiday makers later in the day. like any parent... drama la sikit, so sad and hugged him tightly avoiding tears from flowing..kids grow so fast and before you know its time to let them go..huhuhu

As I'm writing I'm thinking what should i get for breakfast for the kids..hannah, rashad and his friend adam! last week was lontong! any ideas guys?! never mind will figure it out as i write! hope they won't starve by the time I'm done here! LOL!

I had a great week as usual and so blessed with life as always.. alhamdulillah syukur for all his kindness and love.. i can never thank him enough but to always be grateful and do my best to be a good muslim..insyaAllah

We had our charity Childline event on friday and the ceo band helped out in the collection! we had fun during our rehearsals, all four of them! Good to see each other again on a more business unusual circumstances! Wahid maybank or AWO as we fondly called him even bought a new guitar for this charity show!  

During the event...

During the rehearsal few days before the event... 

I had a wonderful week again at the UMNO General Assembly! So inspired by our beloved PM's speeches and commitment to lead our country to greater heights! We have a great leader and must give him all the support bar none! having the privilege to work  and report to him for 2 years, allhamdulillah.. i find him so inspiring in every aspects! no one comes close to his work ethics and commitments!

In my entire career span of more than 25 years i have never met someone who is so focussed, dedicated and committed to a cause and agenda i.e to take our country and us Malaysians to a level we have never attained before! trust me i have worked with best and he is notches above! Really, i can go on and on and on when i talk about my boss! one gets so inspired when you are next to him!

I want all of us get to know him better and closer kan...he would love that too! We have a great team at the office and everyone rallies in full support behind him! A true leader will always rise above everything else! i better stop here or else i sound patronizing pulak! can't help it when you have a great man that inspires you la!

Oops! its almost 8.25am now! Gotta wake the kids and grab breakfast  for them! taking them to watch " the life of pi " later! And yess.. we have a J Lo concert to go tonite!

Have a great weekend! Take a break and yes.. I love my kit kats!!

Rashad in his Kit Kat's moment.. I'm so glad to wake up with him next to me after 4 days. He went to Sarawak with this best friend's Adam and his family..

And yes... Rashad.. Daddy missed you..sob..sob..