Sunday, September 2, 2012

Of merdeka, weddings and relatives...

what a busy and exciting week it has been as the title of my third blog suggests!  

I always have mix feelings when  we have short weekdays as in the case of this week! Whilst i look forward to an eventful friday of merdeka celebration, my niece's wedding and not to mention the many raya open houses etc...there was much to be done before friday comes..oh, and also not to mention i went to see the preview of  kru film's Feb 29 on tuesday evening with mama. We enjoyed the movie and  trust norman, edry and yusry to come out with another winner and first of many sorts! 

As for merdeka day, I'm always proud to see malaysians from all walks of life congregate and acknowledge each other of the memorable day! i tweeted and asked "what does merdeka means to you?" Thanks everyone for the great response!! you are the best lah!

My friend Josephine Dass from our tv3 news desk asked me the same question and my simple reply was, to me Hari Merdeka is about appreciating the good life we have in our country and to remember the people who have sacrificed their lives for us to be here today...

As malaysians we are truly blessed with stable and strong economy, multi racial living together and a great leader who is so determined to bring this country to much much more greater heights! Talking about my boss, he was such an inspiring figure on the 31st night at stadium bukit jalil!

Tireless as always he was in the thick of the action, mingling and chilling with the rakyat with no barriers at all! He is always reminding me to have more and more activities for the youths thru his favorite 1m4u project! You da man boss!

I must congratulate uncle Rais Yatim and DS Kamaruddin Siaraf for a job well done for the merdeka day celebrations both the morning and evening sessions! You guys rock!

In between our merdeka celebrations i managed to squeeze time to attend my niece, Nor Shafinaz and her hubby Mohd Shahrizal's akad nikah and wedding reception! I love weddings as always especially when i get to meet all my relatives who came from all over the country!

Wish i cud share all the pictures with you guys! My aunt, maksu Lela made my favorite sambal tumis ikan bilis for me to tapau! it was my late opah's secret recipe, and those days during school holidays i used to help sell her nasi lemak at my opah's kampung in bukit chandan, kuala kangsar, perak. Confirm habis punye!!

Life was much simpler then kan... jual nasi lemak, mandi sungai, main galah panjang, guli, gasing, kondakondi and panjat pokok manggis, rambutan and... oh so many fun things to do!!

I would never imagine blogging on a sunday morning! it used to be either golf, basketball or tennis at this hour for me! well there's always exception to the rule! i will settle for a workout at the gym and a run at the ttdi park with hannah and rashad later in the evening! Rashad is working very hard to prepare for his upsr exams. Im so proud of you dude!

Im also looking forward to having lunch with my nephews Irfan and Faiq today! A dentist and a doctor in the making! More saving on my medical bills post retirement! 

As always i look forward to another great week! so many things to work on and so little time... Let's enjoy every moment we have and always remember to appreciate what little we have and to give and share them... live life in modesty and humility my friends.

Till we meet again..salam 1Malaysia!

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