Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday Raya

Hi there! Hope everyone had a great Sunday like i did with mama and the kids doing our Hari Raya open house gallivanting! Happy to share with you that i have been asked to organize another friend's daughter's wedding in may next year! this is my 3rd time being a wedding planner! Yeay! Its a true honor for me because my friend ni is a big time celebrity! and he has a beautiful daughter who is to be married! lucky guy la yang dapat anak kawan i ni!

Apparently the  two weddings that i helped plan was much acclaimed and the two families were very happy! It all started when my friend asked me to organize his son's wedding (can't mention the name unfortunately) simply because they thought since I have been doing our TV3's Jom Heboh all these years, planning a wedding would be a walk in the park for me! 

Hmmm...Jom Heboh and being a wedding planner?! well I took the challenge and found out that i have such great passion doing it! Actually there were similarities especially in the meticulous planning i.e checklists after checklists, running orders, rehearsals and of course timing of every sequence!

Of course good teamwork is ultimate and i had a great team for both weddings! Actually, i could this again and again because its so satisfying to see the bride and bridegroom walking down the aisle all happy and smiling! you can't beat this scene seeing the couple looking forward to start their new life as husband and wife! and who knows it could be a good post retirement job for me! can ah?!

Laaaa...just look at me here! i'm so diverted from my original plan to blog about our today's hari raya gallivanting! what i actually wanted to share is that it's so nice to see Rashad and Hannah meeting their almost never met before cousins! well, second cousins because they are my cousins kids! low and behold somehow they look like my kids and could pass as siblings! 

I'm so happy for them to have met and from now on I will ensure my kids meet their relatives and second cousins. hoping that when they grow up they will not be strangers!

My father used to do this when i was a kid! Having 14 uncles and aunties, i had hundreds of cousins and second cousins and this is only on my father's side whilst my mom had 5 siblings! he would ensure i know them and I'm proud that even till today i know almost all of them. we still keep in touch especially at this age i will attend their kids weddings pulak! 

Would like to write more but its getting late by my standards! I'm an early bird and enjoy the morning more than any part of the day! hope you guys have a great week ahead after the long raya week! I'm so raring to go and its full steam ahead! my boss is such a workaholic and even bbm me on sundays! i don't mind because to me he is the best boss one can ever have!

I'm so grateful for all the support and encouragement urging me to continue writing! You guys are amazing! so blessed with all the comments! thanks a million! 

And yes, its merdeka week! lets celebrate our 55th merdeka with all our hearts and passion! Our country is the best in the world bar none! 

Good night my friends!


  1. wow.. such a big family u have... should proud of it.. bagus la bg anak2 kenal saudara2 sendiri.. we don't know what will happen in the future.. :)

  2. Assalam DS, welcome to the club. Happy blogging and selamat hari raya :)

  3. I just noticed this blog from your facebook profile, and I'm glad you're finding it fun to write. I once wrote a little bit about you in my old blog (though the blog has long been abandoned). Funny thing was, people who searched for your name online, found my blog and started asking ME questions about you! Don't worry, that was ages ago and I didn't say anything bad to them lol.. Anyway, someday I'll write a real story about my first job (in TV3) and what you said to me before we had our meeting in the CEO room will definitely be included (even though you might not remember it). All the best, DS!

  4. all the best. aieda